Business Organization Platform Bangladesh

About Our B2B online market

Business Organization Platform Bangladesh (BOP BD) wants to centralize all manufacturers, importers, supplier and resellers in digital platforms to wholesale and buy their products easily from their own place. It is on of the b2b online market in Bangladesh।

Mission / Vision Statement

BOP BD creates a great opportunity for all entrepreneurs in digital platforms to grow their business local and international to benefit Bangladesh socially, culturally and economically. 

BOP BD delivers social, cultural and economic for Bangladesh. To support the growth of new entrepreneurs, it promotes their business on digital platforms locally and globally by 

It also provides you :

  • To sell your product transparently in 24/7 days
  • To use secure payment transaction with protecting privacy
  • For safe delivery and live tracking system
  • 24/7 days’ customer support service via online and offline communication

''Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude'' - Ralph Marston

BOP BD is an B2B online wholesale market e-commerce website which will be capable of providing every kind of goods and products from every sector to every importer, manufacturer & wholesaler to reseller located in Bangladesh. It is one of the B2B online market in BD.

B2B ecommerce, or business-to-business electronic commerce, describes online order transactions between businesses.

Because orders are processed digitally, buying efficiency is improved for wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and other types of B2B sellers
Businesses often buy goods in bulk for a lower price and turnaround to sell them at retail value. The goods are usually purchased directly from the manufacturer or distributors. This is wholesale, and it’s a popular form of B2B. Wholesale could also be described as the sale of goods to other businesses.

Wholesale B2B models are present in many industries including retail, food service, construction, and medical, among many others. Traditionally, wholesale B2B transactions occurred over the phone, via email, or by way of spreadsheet order forms.

With wholesale ecommerce, everything is digital using a B2B ecommerce platform. The platform allows the wholesaler to display products easier and creates a seamless buying experience.

Our Management

MH Rasel Talukder


Hannan Talukder